David L. Anderson, Metals Industry Manager, InfoSight Corporation
Walt N. Arth, Engineering Manager, InfoSight Corporation

Steel slab manufacturers are required to accurately identify their slabs both for internal record-keeping purposes, and to provide proper slab identification for their customers. This slab mark provides identity and traceability for each slab, thus enabling the manufacturer and the end-user to determine the manufacturing origin and process pedigree of the slab, typically starting at the Heat/Strand/Cut level.

Edward S. O'Neal, Laser Products Manager, InfoSight Corporation

Three of the leaders in the wire industry discuss how they have been tracking product with a barcode using a reliable method that has been proven by the test of time.

Dr. John A. Robertson PE Ph.D., President, InfoSight Corporation

Tracking individual piece identity using License Plate Numbers provides traceability with a simple database lookup.