Barcode on Transmission Bell


The Application

These transmission bell housings require individual piece identification with two rather lengthy (Code 39 symbology) bar codes which are used for internal production control.  Traditional bar code labels are not suitable  here because the compound rounded  shape does not accept a flat label without wrinkling.There are also concerns about adhesive labels becoming detached within the transmission fluid.

The Solution

Each housing is individually marked at ambient temperature with two linear bar codes and the corresponding man-readable strings  using InfoSight’s Labelase ® technology.

Marking is accomplished in two stations :

At station #1 , a specially formulated white paint ( water based) patch is sprayed on the slowly rotating housing. Warm air drys this patch before the housing is transferred to station #2.

At station #2 , the patch is laser marked to black while the housing rotates. This maintains a nearly fixed depth of field. For shorter barcodes , the housing can remain stationary and the laser beam can be galvo articulated.

LabeLase® is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation