Barcode on Automotive Bracket


The Application

Critical Automotive Brackets require individual piece traceability.  License plate numbering using bar codes would guarantee that each bracket ;

• Is the correct type

• Has passed all tests

• Can be traced back to specific lots and/or inspections

• Has a complete historical process database

Traditional bar code labels are not suitable for identification here because each bracket is later primed and painted after assembly. Adhesive labels would prevent proper priming and painting . Adhesive label edges can then lift , producing a potential bare rust point.

The Solution

Each bracket is individually marked at ambient temperature with a linear bar code and additional man-readable part and batch numbers using InfoSight’s Labelase ® technology. U.S. Patent # 6,007,929 .

Marking is accomplished at four consecutive fixtured conveyor stations:



Black Patch Painting ( @ Station #1) and White Patch Painting ( @ Station #3) each require less than 1 sec.

Laser marking requires 2.5 sec. Stepping between stations requires 1.5 sec.

Tack drying at station #2 is accomplished by blowing heated air on the black patch during the move from station #1 to Station #3.

The overall cycle is then 4 sec (15 parts / min)

LabeLase® is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation