Barcode mark on catalytic converter core

The Application

Catalytic Converter Cores are filled with precious metal slurries and then oven cured. Individual piece traceability (license plate numbering using bar codes) would guarantee that each final filled core ;

• Is the correct type

• Has passed all tests

• Can be traced back to specific lots and/or inspections

• Has a complete historical process database


Traditional bar code labels , or ink jet markings are not suitable for identification since each core goes through several 1200 deg. F curing cycles ( 30 minutes typical) .

Cost / project justification for piece identification is based on the avoidance of mixed product ( penalties), loss of valuable customers, and elimination of potential ( very expensive) recalls.

The Solution

Each Catalytic Converter ceramic core is individually marked at ambient temperature with a 2D Datamatrix Code ( 12 decimal digits) using InfoSight’s LabeLase ® technology. Marking is accomplished at four consecutive fixtured conveyor stations.



Patch Painting ( @ Station #1) and Clear Coating ( @ Station #4) each require less than 1 sec. Both coatings are high temperature silicones.

Laser marking requires 2.5 sec. Stepping between stations requires 1.5 sec.

The overall cycle is then 4 sec (15 parts / min)

LabeLase® is a registered trademark of InfoSight Corporation